Please watch this video to hear Dr. Christensen talk about inflammation. The information you learn will help you to heal faster now and help you to prevent almost every major degenerative disease.

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A few notes since the video was recorded:  As far as non-organic meat goes, Turkey is the best. Turkey has very little of the Omega 6 fats.  I would move all lean meats to #5 on my list of good foods to eat.  Also, I now prefer to use canned Coconut Milk as opposed to the liquid Coconut Milk for my shakes.  The reason is that most liquid non-dairy “milk” drinks have Carrageenan added to it as a thickening agent, and it causes inflammation.  Please read labels to avoid Carrageenan.

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Dr. Christensen recommends Metagenics Omega 3 fish oils supplements.  In particular he recommends their “OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 1000”, taking 2-3 capsules a day.  You may purchase their products from  If you set up a monthly autoship, Metagenics will give you a 10% discount in addition to free shipping.

Dr. Christensen Discusses Inflammation:

Health and Weight Loss

In this video you will learn about eating for health and weight loss.  The video explains what insulin resistance is and why it makes people gain weight.

Health and Weight Loss

Health and Weight Loss

Q & A

IIn this video Dr. Christensen answer questions for the class “Eating for Health and Weight Loss”.

Health and Weight Loss Q & A:

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