Chiropractic deals with the Nervous System and its relation to the spine.  The Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord and Nerves) controls the entire body.  The Spinal cord and nerves are housed within the bones of the spine.  Problems within the spine can adversely affect the function of the Nervous System, and therefore adversely affect the entire body.  Traditional Chiropractic deals with caring for the spine to ensure that the Nervous System, and thus the entire body, can work at 100%.  Chiropractic adjustments are administered to joints that are not moving properly and to bones that are misaligned.  Dr. Christensen adjusts segments of the spine as well as the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, wrists and jaw (TMJ).  Chiropractic adjustments remove nerve interference and allow joints and bones to heal and move properly.  Chiropractic adjustments can be especially helpful for neck and back pain, headaches, TMJ pain, and infantile colic.

Dr. Christensen has also received advanced training in fitting patients with custom orthotics which can help with a variety of foot problems.  Our custom orthotics help a lot of people with foot pain; especially bunions and pain in the ball of the foot.

Muscle Activation is a procedure that can restore proper muscular function and support to the large skeletal muscles of the body.  Muscles support the body, if they are not doing their job properly, that unsupported area will break down and pain and limited movement will be the result.  Muscle Activation stimulates nerve endings and acupressure points by hand to get the muscle working again.  Your comprehensive exam will reveal the areas of dysfunction (it will be really obvious when things are not working right… you will feel the difference).  This exam will show you the cause of your pain based on the function of your muscles. Treatment will consist of stimulating the muscles to get them supporting your body so you can start to heal.  Think of Muscle Activation like turning a switch on inside of the brain.  Incredibly it takes just 10 minutes to get a muscle to start working; and once the muscle starts working it should stay working for ever!  We never expect to fix the same muscle twice (unless there is a new injury).  It really should be a long term resolution to your problem.  In addition to Muscle Activation, chiropractic adjustments may be administered as appropriate.  To learn more about Muscle Activation go to

NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique) uses gentle stimulation of spinal nerves and acupuncture points to reprogram the body to no longer respond adversely to potential allergens.  The cause of an allergy is not the substance.  An allergy is when the body inappropriately over reacts to a substance that should be harmless.  NAET reprograms the body to no longer over react to the treated substance.  NAET helps the brain and body to view that past allergen as now being harmless. Your NAET examination will last 20 minutes and all of the most common allergens will be tested for reactivity.  An NAET treatment consists of gentle touch to the spine and 11 acupuncture points to help reprogram the brain and body.  Following the treatment a waiting period of 15 minutes is used to help the body get used to being in contact with the substance being treated.  The hard part of the reprogramming comes next: the patient must avoid that substance for 25 hours for the reprogramming to work.  Most sensitivities can be cleared in one treatment per substance.  Severe allergies may require multiple treatments of each substance to be cleared.  NAET allergy treatments are usually permanent, but sometimes people will require a “booster” treatment down the road.  To learn more about NAET go to

Ring Dinger® is a highly specialized method for relieving pressure on the spinal column by stretching the spine along the Y axis, straight up above the patient’s head.

This works by taking pressure off of the parts of the spinal column that cause pain, including any pinched nerves and herniated discs. It also stimulates the flow of oxygen, nutrients, and water through the spinal column up to the brain. The Ring Dinger® is the most comprehensive and effective way to decompress the spine and provides lasting relief to people who are suffering from bulged and/or herniated disc, vertebral subluxations, neck, and back pain, and patients who have had acute or chronic pain from various types of spine pain and dysfunction.