All of my life I thought that I never slept good.  I could be in bed for 10 hours and wake up feeling exhausted; as if I had never slept.  (It really was a miracle I got through college.  I spent most of my classes with my eyes closed and my head on my desk.  I just listened because I was too tired to keep my eyes open.)  I just thought this was my lot in life.  I also had near constant indigestion, bloating, and very loose bowels.  At the age of 15 I remember being tested for Giardia and other intestinal problems.  The tests all came back negative (this didn’t stop the doctors from giving me a medication for Giardia though).  Again, I just thought this was my tough luck.  I also had near constant post nasal drip, runny nose, phlegm in my throat, and a mild sinus infection.  At the age of 16 my mother took me to an MD, who looked at my sinuses, said they were fine, but offered to do surgery just to see if it would help; which we declined.  So I thought: “Everyone is different, so I just have indigestion, post nasal drip, a constant sinus infection, and I never sleep good.  I will just have to live with it.”  I never considered that I had allergies because I felt this way all of the time.  I didn’t react to animals and I never felt any different depending on the change in the season.  I had no idea that my problem was food sensitivities.  I never felt any different because I was reacting to EVERYTHING that I ate.   I had soooo many food sensitivities (not the obvious allergic reactions).  Well I have since learned that allergies and sensitivities are an energy drain; they wipe you out.  If you are always eating food you are reacting to then it makes sense to have constant indigestion, and mucous in your respiratory passages.  NAET has changed my life.  Those problems are gone.  I feel better now on 6 hours of sleep compared to 10 hours in the past (but I like 8 hours, as I recommend to my patients).  NAET is life changing.  I first experienced it myself and now I get to help others.

Dr. Josh Christensen

I’m in my early 60’s and all my life I’ve enjoyed being active, doing things like hiking, triathlons, half marathons, 5k and 10 k races, etc. About 8 years ago a friend invited me to play early morning basketball with a bunch of great guys. After a year of playing, I started to feel pain in my left foot. I visited a physical therapist who diagnosed it as plantar fasciitis and gave me exercises and recommended orthopedic implants to wear in my shoes. I diligently did the exercises and continued playing with the implants in my shoes, but I was not getting better. Each step I took would cause pain, but I didn’t want to stop being active. I decided to call Josh. He introduced me to a new FDA-approved laser that works to repair the foot. I went to my 8 scheduled sessions and initially felt no different but within 3 months all the pain was gone. That was 3 years ago, and I’m playing basketball 3 times a week and have no pain at all. My daughter is a runner and I recommended her to Josh. She had suffered with plantar fasciitis for years. She would run in tears because of the pain. She went through the treatment and her foot is healed. I asked her last week how her foot was (right after she ran a marathon) and she responded that she had forgot that she used to have that foot problem. I RECOMMEND JOSH TO ANYONE WHO IS SUFFERING FROM PLANTAR FASCITIS OR ANY FOOT INJURY. His treatment has made a difference in my life.

Ron V.

No more fruit, animal, or seasonal allergies!
Before NAET whenever I ate fruit it gave me an itchy throat and swollen lips, but now nothing!
Whenever I was around animals or went outside, I had itchy, watery eyes. I was sneezing all the time and had a stuffy nose. Now that is all fixed.
I can now be closer to my pets, can eat all my fruits, and can mess around outside without any allergic reactions. I have a lot more energy! It is just easier to live life!
Thank you Dr. Christensen!

Steven V.

I had terrible seasonal allergies as well as allergies to cats and rabbits. I had a terrible time sleeping and constantly had congestion in my sinuses.  Dr. Christensen fixed my allergies and I can’t believe the difference in my life.  I haven’t been congested since.  I sleep through the night and I can enjoy being around animals outside with my family.  I haven’t even taken one allergy medication since!  Thanks Dr. Christensen.

Mary P.

Kaylie has suffered terribly from food and seasonal allergies – particularly peanuts.  She could not even be around someone eating peanut butter without having an allergic reaction.  She was also allergic to just about every seasonal and environmental allergy. She couldn’t touch animals or go to someone’s house that had cat or dogs in their house without it aggravating her allergies and causing an asthma attack.  After a couple of months of NAET, I have noticed the most drastic change.  I haven’t had to use her inhaler since we started.  She can now go outside and play, pet animals, go to a friend’s house, and everything a little girl should be able to do without needing allergy medications or her inhaler.  She hasn’t had any allergic reactions since she’s done NAET.  Thank you!! A million, zillion times for helping her!

Julie B.

Before NAET, Ethan was crying most of the time. He was pale and tired most of the time. He didn’t like to eat and was hungry because food would hurt his stomach. Since treatment, he loves to eat! He is constantly hungry and never complains about his stomach hurting.  He now sleeps through the night! He doesn’t scream like he used to. He has more energy, he laughs and plays more, and there is color in his face. He doesn’t bruise like he used to. Everything for Ethan is MUCH, MUCH better.  I feed Ethan differently now. Before he would only eat a few things. Now he eats everything! He is learning to love foods he has never tried before.  NAET has changed Ethan! Since birth he has struggled. It is wonderful to watch him change daily and to see him laugh and enjoy life! It has been a blessing for Ethan!  Thank you Dr. C & Brenda!

Kate L.

Before NAET I suffered terribly for allergies year round. Even with allergy medications, I was still miserable. Spring and fall were particularly the worst times of the year.  I couldn’t open the windows in my home.  I would often have to come inside from an outdoor activity which was so frustrating to me since I love being outdoors.  I will admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of NAET and it took a long time for me to finally give it a try.   After completing NAET treatments, I am completely allergy free! I don’t take any allergy medications. I can go camping, work in the yard, and open my windows.  The most surprising and best result of the allergy elimination was the Drastic increase in my energy level!  I truly feel I’m 10 years younger! I accomplish more during the day and still have energy in the evening, which hasn’t happened to me for years! NAET has improved my overall health and lifestyle.  I’ve recommended it to all my family and friends because it works!  Other people have told me they can see the 100% turn around!  They are amazed and ask how I did it. My husband was very skeptical and now he tells everyone about it.  Dr. Christensen and Brenda are fabulous to work with! They truly and genuinely care about you.

Julie B.

When Milo was a newborn, we found out that he had an allergy to milk.  We spent hundreds of dollars on special formula and crossed our fingers that, eventually, he would grow out of his allergy.  When we started introducing a few table foods, we noticed that whenever we would feed him foods with milk in them, he would be up all night long, crying in pain.  Milo had just turned one when we were told about Dr. Christensen and the NAET treatment he practiced. We were so anxious and willing to give it a try. The tests confirmed that Milo was indeed allergic to a few components that made up milk.  In just three fast and simple treatments, our lives were changed and Milo was allergy free. As soon as we finished the last treatment, I gave Milo a Vitamin D milk bottle and he tolerated it as if he never had an allergy.  I was amazed and excited!! No more stomach aches, no more expensive formulas, and no more worrying.  We now refer to Dr. Christensen as the Miracle Dr. at our house.  Thank you so much!

Jentrie W.

My allergies were so bad that I was losing my eyesight, I had no energy even after exercising and I wanted to sleep all day no matter how much I slept the night before.  My hormones were all over the place, I seemed to stress over anything no matter how big or small, and started becoming reclusive.  I was lethargic and any allergy medicines I took only knocked me out and left me feeling worse. They didn’t help at all. I was really discouraged and kept saying “What’s wrong with me???” Fortunately, my husband, Bob, convinced me to try Dr. Christensen’s NAET treatment because it had worked for him and our son, JJ. Wow!! After being treated for an intense sugar allergy, some pollens, mosquitoes, egg and tetracycline, peanuts and sesame, I am a new person! I have energy, my eyesight has improved (many times I don’t even need my “reading” glasses) and I sleep great at night without hot flashes and aches, so I wake up excited and ready for the day! My family has loved seeing the new me and my stress has vanished as I feel positive about the day and my ability to handle challenges. It is like a switch has been flipped and I see light where before it was all dark.  I am loving exercise, loving eating healthy and have become outgoing and positive again and no more “what’s wrong with me??” Thank you to Dr. Christensen and Brenda for taking such good care of me. Thank you also to my wonderful husband who encouraged me to try the NAET Treatment. I tell everyone about it and have friends and family who HAVE and ARE going to do it!

Kate B.

I have suffered with eczema for 8 years and have only previously had relief with steroid ointment.  Since being treated by Dr. Christensen, I haven’t used ointment, but have had my skin clear up. With Dr. Christensen’s counseling, I realize there are supplements I can take to further improve my skin, such as fish oil and probiotics. NAET has blessed my life!  I am so grateful! I was so desperate for relief!

Michelle A.

I came in for allergy testing after having difficulties with many items.  I had a rash on my forearms for about 2 years and after I was treated for minerals, it has completely disappeared.  It is truly amazing to see the work Dr. Christensen does and how much it can improve any type of reaction I’ve had.

Jolene H.

Before being treated at Cornerstone Healing, I struggled with frequent headaches and recurring lower back pain. I had all my muscles checked for functionality and several were found to be lacking in performance. Over a few weeks I was able to have all those muscles activated and also received chiropractic care to align my spine from neck to lower back. During these treatments, I also learned about other ways I could help myself gain a higher level of health and wellness. The results have been wonderful!

In my former life I accepted headaches as my lot and at least once a month would have to call in sick to work because of them. I was not happy with having to take medications to try and treat the pain. At the same time, my lower back would flare up every couple of weeks and limit my level of activity and enjoyment of life. Since receiving care from the doctors at Cornerstone Healing my life has changed dramatically for the good. I rarely experience headaches and if I do, they are mild and easily treated with hydration and rest. My back feels so much better and I’m able to exercise and be active at a much higher and enjoyable level than before. 

My treatment at Cornerstone Healing has also resulted in me seeking out a healthier lifestyle in the areas of nutrition, sleep, back strengthening exercises, and mental health. I’m in the best shape of my life and in the past 18 months successfully completed two 48-hour running relay events with friends (RAGNAR), two triathlons, and an 80-mile bike ride over two mountain passes totaling 4500 feet in elevation gained.

I am deeply grateful to the doctors at Cornerstone Healing. Their knowledgeable and professional care has made a lasting positive impact in my life.

Greg S.

I have gone to Dr. Christensen for years and he has helped me so much! I have scoliosis and have found that if I go to Dr. Christensen once every three months for regular/maintenance visits, I am pain free! He is wonderful! 

Shauna S.

When Jacob was two months old, we noticed blood in his stool and found out that he had an allergy to milk protein. We were able to keep him from eating any milk or milk products for the next few years until he began to insist on having the same things that everyone else was eating.  It was clear that he still had the allergy because he got a rash on his face, would get ear infections and often had a runny nose.   After seeing that he had an ear infection at his 3 year well-check, we immediately went off all dairy products and the infection, along with his rash cleared up.  Jacob was very good at monitoring himself so he did not eat any of the offending foods, but it was very difficult for him, particularly in social setting when there were no other food options available.  We heard about Dr. Christensen from a relative and have been so happy with the results since treatment.  Jacob can now eat whatever is served and food is not a big issue at all.  We are so grateful for the NAET treatments provided by Dr. Christensen and are currently in treatments for the allergy relief of other members of our family.

Kathryn H.

All my life my ears and mouth would itch almost immediately after eating any fruit.  After NAET treatments, I can eat whatever fruit I want without any adverse effects.

Nathan K.

I love cheese, heck, I love dairy!  Sadly, ever since high school the amount of dairy I ate directly correlated with the amount of pain I experienced.  I had tension headaches that forcibly morphed themselves into migraines and a blender-like fury that erupted in my abdomen every time I had some. It got to the point where even eating things with dairy in it caused sleepless nights and put a serious damper on my usually chipper demeanor.  Since receiving NAET I have been able to wield my patience with my 18 month old and chase him, I can at least keep up.  I had 80% of my ailments disappear with my first treatment and I am ecstatic to say that I no longer suffer when I choose to eat dairy.  Now that I don’t have the excuse of being lactose intolerant I do have to watch what I choose to eat, but having the options open to me helps me make healthier (and less expensive) meals for my family and me. Not only is it more expensive to find dairy-free or non-lactose options, but it’s also time-consuming, and I happily don’t have to make that effort anymore.  It’s put more time back into my schedule that I can spend with my family and doing things I love.  My friends and family have all said I look better but I think the biggest difference is that I feel better!  NAET is painless and requires little effort with a huge reward in return.  I recommend it to everyone!

Kerstin P.

It’s always hard to tell a vibrant little girl that she can’t eat cheese on her hamburger or tacos!  She was getting really bad stomach aches after eating dairy products.  It was limiting her choices and taking away the joy and adventure of eating.  I, as a Mother, was frustrated with not knowing what exactly it was that she was allergic to.  The pediatrician did not want to assist me in this but just refer me to the standard allergist.  I couldn’t bear the thought of the allergist procedures of pricking her back and watching it well up.  And to what end → just to get shot treatments.   My mother-in-law said she had heard of this other procedure – NAET.  I can’t tell you how relieved Aspen & I are to have found Dr. Christensen and NAET.  The examination process and the treatments are pain free!  And now Aspen can choose to have cheese on her hamburgers, tacos, and broccoli, or anything else without painful stomach aches.  We are so pleased and grateful!

Michelle W.

I knew I had really bad seasonal allergies during the spring and especially football season.  My eyes would get dry and itchy, my nose would run all day, but I had no idea that my allergies were draining my energy.  If I had discovered NAET sooner, I feel I would’ve accomplished much more in my high school athletics.  Despite that, I am happy to walk outside or do yard work without the itching and congestion.  I have more energy for other activities like Parkour and B-boying.  I couldn’t be happier!

Jon B.

For many years I have suffered from severe post nasal drip. I was always clearing my throat and having to swallow constantly.  The worst was at bedtime. When I would lie down to sleep, the constant drainage in my throat would not allow me to fall asleep sometimes for up to an hour. Since being treated, the post nasal drip is totally gone! I lie down at night and immediately fall asleep. No more coughing and clearing my throat constantly.  Thank you all!

Steve P.

Before receiving treatment Knox, who has autism, wanted to stem constantly by putting his hands in the faucet and playing with the flow of water.  Within a week after treatment, he was sitting on the couch with me watching a movie – this had never happened before.  He has had increased eye contact and a lot fewer tantrums.  He is able to eat a better and a wider variety of food. Since doing NAET, we are able to feed him a more healthy diet which consists of smoothies, less gluten, probiotics, and multi vitamins. We are now able to spend time with Knox in a relaxed setting.  His demeanor has done a 180.  People comment on the eye contact combined with a smile.  We can see how happy he is. Knox is a completely different child than 6 months ago.  His tantrums are almost non-existent.  He is a very happy boy!

Kelsy Z.

Before I began NAET treatments for my allergies, I suffered each day.  My nose was so congested and I had a hard time breathing.  I was taking Allegra and Singular every day just to be able to breathe.  After doing the NAET treatments with Dr. Christensen, I haven’t taken one pill since!  I feel great, I never struggle to breathe!  It is truly amazing!  I tell all my friends suffering from allergies that they should do this.  It has truly changed my life! Thank you so much!

Mindy V.

NAET has been such a game changer for my life, and my health. It has truly helped me in so many ways.  I am so grateful I found it!  I suffered from terrible headaches and body aches for years without knowing the root cause.  I was so tired I could barely get out of bed in the morning.  I had gone in for allergy testing at my ENT, but nothing substantial was found.  I was taking ibprofin around the clock, doing flo-nase and the neti pot twice a day, and taking an antihistamine and decongestants daily.  I felt miserable.  I heard about NAET and decided to give it a try.  I was shocked to learn I had so many food sensitivities, and seasonal allergies that I hadn’t even been aware of.  I went through all the treatments, and I got my life back!  It truly felt like nothing short of a miracle.  Now, I don’t take any medication and I feel amazing! The headaches, body aches, and lack of energy are a thing of the past, and I am truly living my best life!   

I have continued to utilize NAET even after finishing all of my original treatments when things come up.  At one point I had been experiencing debilitating menstrual cycles for about 6 months, with a slew of terrible symptoms.  I came in and Dr. Tuft test me with the hormone NAET kit.  There were several things that were off that we treated in one visit.  I had seen incredible success already with NAET, but I was completely shocked when my menstrual cycles immediately went back to normal and the nasty side effects were gone.  I am so grateful my body was able to fix itself in a natural and safe way, without having to go on hormone therapy or medications.  NAET will always be my first line of defense.  I love that it’s a safe, risk free way to get your body back in harmony with itself. 

Dr. Tuft, Ellen, and all of the doctors here at Cornerstone Healing are amazing!!  They always take the time to really listen, and I truly enjoy coming in!   I will never go anywhere else! 

Andrea B.

I can honestly say Muscle Activation Treatment changed my life!!   After giving birth to my daughter 9 years ago, my body was never the same.  I was healthy, and in my late 20’s, but every morning when I got out of bed I felt like I had the aches and pains of an old woman.  My neck and upper back hurt all the time, and I was constantly taking ibprofin to try to ease the pain.  I started going to a chiropractor- it was helpful, but I only felt relief for a couple of days after my adjustments, and then the pain would return.  For years, I went to the chiropractor every two weeks just to function.

 About a year ago I was introduced to Muscle Activation Treatment by Dr. Tuft.  I decided I had nothing to lose, and that I’d try it.  It was no surprise after doing the testing that I had dozens of muscles that were not working correctly.  No wonder I was always in pain!  We went through and treated each muscle and I was honestly astonished at the difference in my life!  It was miraculous!  For the first time in years, I was waking up and hopping out of bed with absolutely NO PAIN in my neck or back, and NO PAIN throughout the day!  Muscle Activation Treatment corrected so many problems that I wasn’t even aware I had in my body.  I am so grateful for the ability it’s given me to be more active and able to do hard workouts again, to keep up with my kids, and to have energy to do all the things that I want to do in my life and with my body!  It’s been such a gift!  Dr. Tuft and Ellen are truly the best!

Andrea B.

Thanks to Dr. Christensen, I have no more allergies! The NAET treatments have made my life less stressful and easy! Before NAET, I had really bad seasonal allergies and others I didn’t know of.  They congested my sinuses and cause me to have poor hearing.  This became really frustrating, especially in school, or when I was trying to have a conversation.  Neighbors and friends had told me about the NAET treatments and I admit that I thought it was too good to be true. To my surprise I’ve found that NAET is easy, painless, fast, and reliable!  My hearing is back to normal and I don’t have to worry about annoying people by asking them to repeat things.  I am also doing a lot better in school because I can hear. Because of NAET I feel healthier, stronger, and more confident in myself.  Thank you Dr. Christensen!

Kaytlin N.

My massage therapist had recommended Dr. Christensen at Cornerstone Healing. I had heart surgery and knew things were not working right.  I came in for the full muscle exam, to check over 300 muscles. I had a lot of muscles not working.  The muscle activation was immediate for me. It was instant gratification to get muscles turned on. You will know immediately how bad you felt, because you will feel so good instantly. It is so worth it.  I was seeing immediate results for the money I was spending.

Robyn E.

By the time Saige turned eight years old we had taken him to 5 different doctors, two of which were specialists.  He’d had his brain scanned, allergy scratch tests, steroid creams prescribed, and more – but nothing helped. Saige had daily headaches, stomach aches, watery eyes, eczema, diarrhea, ADHD symptoms, was behind in reading and most other subjects in school and finally lost consciousness while sitting at the table.Out of desperation and lack of confidence in traditional medicine, his mother started tracking his food intake and was able to determine that he suffered severe side effects after eating anything with gluten.  After a year of completely avoiding gluten (No fun for a kid) he had doubled his reading speed and was rarely suffering from his previous reactions.I read about NAET online and found Dr. Christensen just a block away from our house.Today Saige eats whatever he wants and has no side effects from his formerly severe allergies.I am so impressed I have contacted my insurance company to lobby for coverage of NAET treatments for others in the future. Thank you Dr. Christensen.

Travis, Carly, & Saige C.

When Edyn was 2 months old she had red dots all over her face. I changed detergents, soaps, and lotions and within two weeks the dots spread all the way down to her toes. Her pediatrician told me to go off dairy since I was purely nursing her.  Within two days of no dairy the dots were gone.  I heard about NAET from my sister who has a daughter that had dairy allergies and went through NAET and is now able to tolerate all forms of dairy.   Dr. Christensen came highly recommended and I decided NAET was worth a shot.  I was the conductor for my baby to receive NAET and after treating all of her sensitivities, we can both eat dairy. Hooray! She also spit up a lot and rarely does that now.  We are both so happy to be able to eat what we want without it disrupting life.  My baby is more happy and content.

Maryn E.

I had multiple seasonal allergies (grass, ragweed, sagebrush, pollens, and trees) for about 25 years.  I tried the medical route, receiving allergy shots for 5 years and went from miserable on drugs to tolerable on drugs, but still taking all the same drugs.  During this time I had 4 anaphylactic reactions to the allergy shots.  I was never able to receive the full strength of the allergy shots because of anaphylactic reactions.   After NAET treatments, I am now allergy free!!  I am taking no allergy medications and feel so much better.   The best thing about NAET is how non-invasive it is.  No shots, no needles, usually just one treatment for each allergen instead of 5 years of appointments twice a week with only minimal results. My life has truly been changed through this amazing technique!!  I also had an anaphylactic reaction to cashews 20 years ago which sent me to the Emergency Room.  I carried an Epi-pen with me constantly after that episode.  I have since been treated for cashews and eat them all the time.  I had a severe reaction to metal, specifically to nickel.  I could not wear any jewelry except for 14 ct gold.  Even with wearing gold earrings, my ears were always red and swollen. After being treated for metals with NAET, I can wear any kind of earrings and my feel much more fashionable.  I was also allergic to several other foods, basically I was a mess.  I had allergic reactions to watermelon, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and other random foods. It has been so nice to eat whatever I want and not have to worry about an allergic reaction.  Whenever I dyed my hair I would get welts on my scalp. That has also been resolved through NAET.  This is a truly amazing technique that has changed my life for the better!

Brenda G.

The NAET treatments with Dr. Christensen have changed my life!  I had been allergic to dairy products for over 7 years and I can tell you that Snickers Ice Cream Bars are as good as they look!  I have been able to add so many foods back into my diet and feel so much better.    When Dr. Christensen was testing for allergens, ‘Insects’ came up.  I had never thought of that as an allergy, but I did react to mosquito bites and wasp stings with huge welts.  After doing NAET for insects, when a mosquito bites me, it barely leaves a mark.  Dr. Christensen does a wonderful job of explaining the technique and truly listens and cares.  I have had several other allergens cleared and have noticed improvements in so many areas and would recommend NAET for anyone with reactions to allergens.

Jody R.

When I would eat chicken, my throat would swell up and I would get hives.  After NAET treatments, I can now eat chicken!!  I can now put chicken back in my diet and eat healthier.

Taylor S.

Que D. consistently had diarrhea and yeast infections. He was very irritable and never seemed happy. After NAET his diapers became normal and no more yeast. He turned into a happy energetic baby.  The pediatrician could never answer my questions about how to treat this, and he never seemed overly concerned! We made better food choices, but that still was not enough! NAET changed our lives; he can eat normal again and became a new baby.

Que's Mother

We were referred to Cornerstone healing by a friend who had been cured of his dairy allergy by Dr Tuft. 

My husband had been eating dairy free for 15 years due to his dairy allergy and had battled with IBS for 20 years. My two daughters, ages 9 and 10, had also developed a dairy allergy and couldn’t have any dairy. My 9 year old had bad hay fever every year and I had been on an anti depressant for 20 years and had a rash on my hip that I couldn’t get to go away. I had also torn my hamstring a year before, learning how to wake surf and even though I had done physical therapy for 6 months I still couldn’t run.  

We are so happy we found Cornerstone Healing because now a year later my husband and 2 daughters can have all the dairy they want without getting sick, my husbands IBS is totally gone, my daughters hay fever is gone, my rash completely disappeared and I no longer am taking an anti depressant because of the NAET treatment! I also can run now thanks to the muscle activation treatments Dr Tuft performed on my leg! 

The work they do at Cornerstone is truly a miracle and we are so grateful we found Dr Tuft. I tell everyone I know about it and everyone who I’ve referred has had amazing success with Cornerstone!

 Sunnee G.