(Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique)

NAET uses gentle stimulation of spinal nerves and acupuncture points to reprogram the body to no longer respond adversely to potential allergens.  The cause of an allergy is not the substance.  An allergy is when the body inappropriately over reacts to a substance that should be harmless.  NAET reprograms the body to no longer over react to the treated substance.  NAET helps the brain and body to view that past allergen as now being harmless.

Your NAET examination will last 30 minutes and all of the most common allergens will be tested for reactivity.  An NAET treatment consists of gentle touch to the spine and 11 acupuncture points to help reprogram the brain and body.  Following the treatment a waiting period of 15 minutes is used to help the body get used to being in contact with the substance being treated.  The hard part of the reprogramming comes next:  the patient must avoid that substance for 25 hours for the reprogramming to work. 

Most sensitivities can be cleared in one treatment per substance.  Severe allergies may require multiple treatments of each substance to be cleared.  NAET allergy treatments are usually permanent, but sometimes people will require a “booster” treatment down the road. 

NAET was developed by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, who discovered it while trying to cure her own allergies.  Originally from India, Dr. Nambudripad now resides in California and has taught her approach to thousands of practitioners from all over the world.  To learn more about NAET go to

NAET can help eliminate almost any allergy or sensitivity whether it is to food, animals, plants, insects, and even people.

Note: Celiac Disease is an auto-immune disease and is more than an allergy and we cannot help in this case. However, if it is a gluten or wheat sensitivity (not Celiac Disease) we have had great results fixing this.

Dr. Christensen explains NAET:

After 1st Treatment

Here is a second video telling you what you need to know after your first NAET treatment:

Dr. Christensen NAET post-treament:

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