Dr. Tuft

I have been in practice since 2004. I love how much chiropractic has allowed me to help so many people live a better life. My journey to becoming a chiropractor started back in 1997 when I was able to see how much it helped my wife after she slipped & fell down a flight of stairs with our 2 month old son.

   A couple years previous she was involved in a hit & run that left her in major pain & with headaches. She tried the muscle relaxers & pain killers as well as PT, to no avail. She went to a chiropractor & in a couple visits she had found relief. So after this fall down the stairs, she went immediately to the chiropractor. I was deployed in the Marine Corps. but was able to be home for her final appointment. During that appointment I was not in any pain but I asked the chiropractor a question & he invited me into his office, evaluated my spine & delivered my very first adjustment. I felt amazing after that.

   When it came time for me to get out of the Marines, I knew exactly how I wanted to help people. Since graduating from chiropractic school, I have practiced in Plano, TX, SLC & Logan, Utah. I have also been privileged to travel the world training doctors on the treatment & care of herniated discs non-surgically.

   I married my High School Sweetheart, Mandi. We live in Logan & have 4
wonderful boys.

Helping you Heal is our Mission.


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