How to Care For Your Spine:


Your body is designed to heal itself. The power that created your body from a single cell is still active and can heal you now. Being in a state of peace mentally and emotionally puts your body in a hormonal and chemical state that is more conducive to healing, and meditation can help you achieve this state. Watch the following introduction to meditation to learn more.

Introduction to Meditation:

Alzheimer’s Prevention

Simple tips to prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzeheimer’s Prevention:

Tips for Physical and Mental Health

You can listen to a 45 minute radio interview that Dr. Christensen, and 3 of his colleagues recorded.  Fundamental concepts, and tips, for physical and mental health are given.  You can open the file with Windows Media Player (or a similar program) in order to listen.

Radio Interview: Tips for Physical and Mental Health

Helping you Heal is our Mission.


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