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Welcome to Christensen Chiropractic P.C. and the website of Dr. Joshua S. Christensen D.C.!

Our office Location is now a part of CORNERSTONE HEALING in Farmington.

Why would people travel from all over the United States, and as far away as South Africa and Australia, for Dr. Christensen’s services?  For example: why would a Stanford trained PhD. fly in (from San Francisco) and fly right back out, just for 40 minutes of Dr. Christensen’s time?  Well, the clinical results speak for themselves.  Over the last 15 years Dr. Christensen has built an incredible reputation for being able to help people heal and recover from chronic conditions.  The only reason a person comes into to our office is because we have helped someone they know.  When you have had pain for years, and when you think you have “been everywhere and tried everything” and then you try this, and your problem goes away, you are very motivated to tell other people.  Which is why people have flown in, from Hawaii to Florida, to receive our unique brand of care.  The methods used by Dr. Christensen are rare and have required advanced training.  His vast experience and insight will be able to guide you to healing.

Utilizing Muscle Activation and Chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Christensen has helped thousands of patients over the years recover from chronic pain and acute injuries.   He also utilizes NAET to help desensitize people from their allergies.   His patients range from newborns to people in their 90s.

Our goal is to get your body working properly so you can heal.  True healing means a long term resolution of your problems.  Most patients are so amazed by their results that they are very excited to tell their friends and family.  This process is what has made us so successful.

15 miles north of Salt Lake City, we are located in the 2 story office complex on 1075 west in Farmington, Utah (just north of Shepard Lane and west of Highway 89).  Call 801-451-6010 today to schedule an appointment.  You can also contact us by email at

We look forward to assisting you in your healing process and journey to better health!


Cornerstone Healing
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